November 2006

What shall I watch?

Next series coming up after [At Home with Love]:

[Glittering Days 東方之珠]

My first impression was +___+; The time period .. I don’t like the time period XD I also saw their performance in the TVB 39th Lighting Ceremony…I didn’t like their hair..and way they dressed.Since it is an anniversary series, I’m hoping it would be really good^^; I’m probably gonna watch it, but I probably won’t have time to blog about it though =\

Land of Wealth is also ending, next showing : To Grow with Love

I was really looking forward to see this series lol All the fuss about Myolie getting chubby and all, is for this! ^^ I’m probably gonna< have to delay watching this, since I'll be busy for the next few weeks.. still makes me wonder how she can lose so much weight in such a small period of time…

Other series currently showing:

Welcome to the House

I don’t think I’ll gonna watch this…because the cast isn’t all that appealing, and the fact that it has 100 episodes + (well, probably only 50 cause it only goes for 1/2hr but anyways lol) I’ll probably hop in and out of this series..see if it brings me any laughs. I think its
comedy (maybe perhaps trying to be like Virtues of Harmony?) ahah…VOH is a funny one to watch~

I’d love to watch more TVB Series ^^ but I guess it has to wait until my exams are over.

One Response to “What shall I watch?”

  • alicechen says:

    Hmm as a Charmaine’s fan of course I would like for u to give GD a chance. But if you dont like the era. I guess its ok. I 100% passed WTTH. 😛

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