October 2006

What shall I watch?

After the end of Face to Fate airing in Australia on satellite TV, I was wondering whether I should watch Land of Wealth.

Currently showing:

7:15pm: Maiden’s Vow [Episode 22]

8:30pm: Land of Wealth [ Episode 3]

11:40pm: War and Destiny [Episode 13]

And I’ve only been watching Maiden’s Vow~ mainly because its during dinner time. War and Destiny is a bit late. And Land of Wealth? I guess I haven’t been following it because its getting closer to exam time (about a month to go or so) and it doesn’t look that appealing- so I’m thinking about skipping this series. I asked around and didn’t hear any really good comments about it. The cast doesn’t look all that appealing either~ Maybe I should watch it myself to see lol but yeh~ if I had more time hmm..

I might watch War and Destiny after my exams (so that would be around November-December) because a friend said she’ll lend it to me.

I wish there was gonna be another Raymond series soon XD

9 Responses to “What shall I watch?”

  • Zelnox says:

    O_o I’d watch Land of Wealth just for the cast. I’m surprised you aren’t hearing good things about it. -_-;;; I’m not too keen on watching War and Destiny, because there’s someone I don’t like in it.

  • KTVB says:

    ^^ Guess its different for everyone, I’m starting to hear it gets better later on~ I don’t particularly love the cast in War and Destiny, but after hearing Myolie’s Themesong, I really want to see it lol

    Who’s the someone you don’t like?

  • Zelnox says:

    ._.;;;;; Myolie… She’s a good actress, but something about her face is weird in my opinion (as far I can tell, b/c I watch the Viet translation)

    I’m watching Face to Fate now. Sure starts a lot better than Lethal Weapons of blablabla. >_

  • KTVB says:

    I can’t really remember how LWOLAP starts..i think it was a bit rushed and Raymond was with Sonija?

  • Zelnox says:

    Ya, Sonja was in it. -_- funny how several of her recent roles are similar…

  • KTVB says:

    lol, yeh..also her role in Vagabond Vigilante

  • Zelnox says:

    I didn’t finish that one yet…The first several episodes were so engaging though. Then the plot suffers. The fighting did not suck compared to the lame special effects/random camera tricks we get from TVB.

    -_- instead of having to come back to this thread each time, email me! My gmail one.

  • Fionne says:

    LOL, I was looking at this to see if this site had anything about “War and Destiny” I loved that drama!

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