I’m currently half way through the series (episode 15) and I’m quite pleasantly surprised to find myself chasing the series and liking it 🙂 The storyline is pretty engaging so far and I’m looking forward to watching more of it =)

Some quick notes:

*I really like Charmaine’s character in here. She’s cute and likable and I can already see her being nominated in next year’s TVB Awards for Favourite Female character XD
*At first I really liked the Charmaine and Raymond pairing, but I’m slowly starting to like Joe over him. I think its the way Joe’s character develops that makes him more likable and unlikable qualities of Raymond such as cowardice is starting to show up.
*I like the bond between the brothers
*I don’t understand why Liza had to continue to be so slack to Joe when he already found out the truth about being her son.
* I feel so sorry for Joe! His father’s love towards him is comforting though 🙂
*I’m really happy Liza has finally accepted Charmaine and really wants her to be her daughter in-law
*Selena and Edwin storyline hasn’t been that engaging yet but I like the way Edwin helps Joe.
*Go educated feminist Selena! I’m surprised her father would let her do all that protest etc
*Kiki’s character is so annoying XD

Enjoy the Opening Screencaptures!

What pretty screencaptures *_*

9 Responses to “[When Easterly Showers Falls on the Sunny West] Opening Screencaptures”

  • chibi says:

    Very engaging series indeed =)

    There’s something about Liza’s character, you can like her for one moment then hate her the next! She’s one complicated character @_@

    At first I disliked Joe as well, but now I’m really liking his character and just feel sorry for him by the way he’s being treated by Liza. Liza only cares about Raymond at this point, which is pretty slack.

    Charmaine is quite good in this series 🙂 There’s also some good supporting cast. Hope the series has a good ending!

  • denise says:

    hi~ eh it’s the first time i came to your blog, for recent days i become fond of tvb,especially moses(*^__^*).
    So i am wondering if i can download some screencaptures of 家好月圆 and upload them to my baidu album, they are so pretty.i will indicate they’re from K for TVB~~is it ok?

    Reply from KTVB: ok 🙂 Make sure to leave your link so I can have a look at the album someday lol

  • denise says:

    ok~~thank u~~O(∩_∩)O
    welcom to http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=%B3%C2%BA%C0
    u can find a album called 家好月圆~~~^_^
    thanks again!

  • Rin says:

    I finished this series a few days ago and it was an enjoyable series.
    At first I only watched it cus Charmaine was in it but after watching it, I find it pretty likable and wanted to know the ending.
    Since you’re not done with this series, I don’t want to spoil it too much for you but I can tell you that it gets more complicated later in the series. & I don’t really like Joe’s character in the later half of the series.

    & yeah, omg, Kiki’s character is soo >_<
    I like Selena and Edwin’s relationship later but yeah.. the story did a 180 and I was really surprised lol. More on this when you finish the series (:

  • AC says:

    I think this is the first time I saw Edwin act and he was suprisingly good! Also, I think Raymond also did a very good job and I like the pairing of him and Charmaine. Without giving too much away, I wish they either made this series shorter with only 20 episodes or longer with an extra episode, because it could have ended around there but then it slightly dragged and when the last episode aired, i felt that it was too rushed.

  • omg..i slightly watched this series..but i tell you it’s gonna have such big twists!!! i couldnt even believe it..!! lolz

    i hope youll enjoy it and post up on it!! i havent really seen it..only parts of it..but they were enjoyable…and i still cant get over the fact of like the other ending half of the show..so yeah..:D hope youll like it and share your thoughts =]

  • JKRockinout says:

    i like the series and uis also half way done. too baqd many people died and plus i dont like joe very much. the only reason im watching it is because of charmaine. i dont like joe pairing up with charnaine, kevin is a much better option GO CHARVIN!!

  • Juice says:

    I’ve just finished watching the whole series. To me, this is a brilliant production!

    Liza Wang & Kiki Sheung are super veterans, they are really good! Same goes to the other veteran supporting cast. Charmaine is not bad either, although she’s only the 2nd lead actress. The pairing of Charmaine and Joe reminds me of the Maiden’s Vow, not bad. The downside of this drama is that Selena Li’s character is a bit annoying plus Raymond & Joe don’t have the flesh-n-blood brothers’ look.

    However, in short, this drama is really fantastic!

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