September 2009

[You’re Hired] Episode 17

Quick note: I just finished watching this episode and loved a particular Charmaine x Dayo scene~ so I decided to post it up to share with everyone now ^^ Please note this is from Episode 17 so if you don’t want spoilers, you can refrain from reading it  until you’ve seen the episode ^^;. To be honest it doesn’t really have to relate to the rest of the story.  For those who don’t mind a cute cute Charmaine confession (?) scene, do join me ^^

I will go back to posting scenes from the other episodes another time =)


Charmaine becomes confused about her feelings for Dayo and sits at the rooftop drinking wine (In the middle of the night)
Charmaine: I like ‘Mak Tai Song‘? Won’t be right..? I, ‘Lam Miu Miu‘…fallen for  ‘Mak Tai Song‘?

You're Hired Episode 17

Charmaine goes knocking at Dayo’s door.

You're Hired Episode 17

Dayo: Cooommming..*annoyed*-*opens the door* What are you doing? I’m like your boss. It’s like in the middle of the night and you’re knocking- you want to break my house down?
Charmaine: Don’t say anything yet- don’t say anything..close your eyes.
Dayo: You crazy? Close my eyes? Why am I closing my eyes for?
Charmaine: Close your eyes, I want you to close your eyes.
Dayo: There’s no way that I would-

You're Hired Episode 17

Charmaine: I’m telling you to close your eyes, so just close your eyes! Close your eyes!! *getting frustrated*
Dayo: Oi, oi- don’t hit me, if you really hit me I’ll really fire you.

You're Hired Episode 17

Charmaine nods and points at him: Close.
Dayo closes his eyes: Don’t hit me.. *Charmaine walks close to him*
Dayo with his eyes closed and seemed like of scared: What?….. What are you doing?

You're Hired Episode 17

*Charmaine leans forward to kiss him, but ends up quickly hugging onto him for a second instead. Dayo is startled. Charmaine runs away*

You're Hired Episode 17

Outside, Charmaine runs up to a tree hole and starts confessing her feelings.

You're Hired Episode 17

*Funny music playing in the background*

Charmaine: What should I do? Sister-in-law was right! You know what? Just then I wanted to kiss him to see if I feel anything for him. Who knows that when it got to the important part I was scared and backed out! I only hugged him for a bit and my heart is beating all the way til now! It’s VERY strong, the feeling is very strong- even stronger than all the ones in the past!- Ai..I’m still considered a beautiful girl! It’s always been guys chasing after me and only now I’ve ended up starting to have a crush on him- oh god..*sighs and looks around then back at the tree* Tired already? Oh ok, you go sleep first..

You're Hired Episode 17

As Charmaine turns around, she finds Dayo standing in front of her
Charmaine: Why are you here?? What did you hear? Did you hear everything I said??
Dayo with a cheeky grin: What am I supposed to hear?
Charmaine couldn’t handle it and started running away and Dayo calls after her: Where are you going?

You're Hired Episode 17

Charmaine runs around a circle and Dayo catches her on the other end which scares her.
Charmaine: What do you want??
Dayo: Where are you going?
Charmaine: What’s it to you? Why are you standing here?
Dayo: I have something I want to say to you.
Charmaine: What do you have to say, go on, just say it…
Dayo: You wouldn’t be able to guess what I’m about to say. It’s three words, are you ready?
*Charmaine becomes very nervous*

You're Hired Episode 17

Dayo: Thank you.
*Charmaine becomes relaxed and relieved*
Charmaine: Why are you saying thanks for?

You're Hired Episode 17

Dayo: In the middle of the night, you just came and gave me a hug, you were just worried that I was unhappy. I want to say, I’m not unhappy- I’m ok. But only you would come to check on me to see if I’m happy or not. You care about me so much- thank you.
*Dayo returns Charmaine a hug and Charmaine becomes stunned* <3

You're Hired Episode 17

Dayo smiles: Friends.
A big smile appears on Charmaine’s face: Yea! Don’t have to worry,…let’s go home and sleep!

Dayo: Let’s get something to eat first 🙂

You're Hired Episode 17

22 Responses to “[You’re Hired] Episode 17”

  • KTVB says:

    I really really liked this scene!! It’s just so sweet and cute at the same time ^^ The setting/ideas is quite refreshing and I found it unexpecting that Dayo would thank her for everything she’s done XD We always knew but, unlikely for it to come out of his mouth. XD

    You just don’t see the two like that much! I hope there’s mroe to come!

    P.s Do you think Dayo heard what she was saying? haha

  • Lavendar_Bluez says:

    oo i saw this episode too!! i think dayo & charmaine are soo cute in these scenes…
    especially charmaine trying to run away…

    and it seems like dayo really is thankful for her…the hug was soo..TEHEEE feeling =]

    funny how both of them turn to the tree hole to talk..XP

    • KTVB says:

      She runs away pretty funnily as well (power-walking little steps lol)

      I agree with the TEHHEE feeling too!!
      She probably turned to the tree because Dayo does XD

  • mikeho says:

    good movie i love it

  • chibi says:

    awwww..how cute and funny XD XD XD

    But seriously, what’s with people saying ‘I have three words to say”.. it can be anything XD XD..but gives people hopes it might be “I love You”.

    I thought it was funny when I read your summary it said Dayo said “Thank you”, which is technically in English, 2 words instead of 3 XD ehehe.

    • KTVB says:

      hehe yea..I was trying to think if there were 3 words of saying Thank You in English lol (Thanks so much?) haha, wouldn’t be a proper translation tho! lol

  • claire says:

    Does anyone know the name of that love song that was playing in the back ground when they were hugging?

  • yan says:

    hey..may i know wat is the english song played when the dayo wong hug charmaine ? thanks

    • some one says:

      i think i know which song you’re talking about, is it like some oldies kinda song? if so, i could recognize it’s sang by Frank Sinatra, but not sure which song of his.

  • Nicole says:

    omgosh i LOVED this scene. too kute! can’t wait to watch the last few eps. 😀

  • Stephanie says:


    Does anyone know the english song played in episod 20 where Dayo took Charmaine for a ride in the car? Desperately love that song.. but I don’t even know who sang it..:( Thanks

  • viiety says:

    Thanks for posting

    Will you make post for D.I.E. Again ?

  • turtle88 says:

    This was one of my favourite scenes in the series and is probably one of the best 🙂

    This scene was so cute and funny at different parts and loved all the little things that were mentioned (tree, actions, dialogue, setting, etc). It’s just… EXCELLENT.

    Oh, how I miss watching this series…

  • sugar says:

    Omg! I loved this scene. I think it was my fav scene out of all the Dayo + Charmaine ones ^^ I like the English song too. It suited the hugging scene so well.

  • Crazy TVB Fans says:

    Help.. I am SO in Love with this piece of Music….

    Episode 17… around 9min when Dayo + Charmaine at the roof top…. the music is good and touching..
    WHat is the music title???

  • hoyin says:

    does anyone know the background music when dayo wong and charmaine where in the elevator
    does someone know the title

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