August 2009

[You’re Hired] Episode 2

Charmaine goes to find Dayo, demanding he return the debt.

Charmaine: Return the money.
Dayo: Are you crazy? I used a whole day to explain to you; when it’s due, I will  consider how much and whether I want to repay or not.
Charmaine: I’m doing this for your own good. The earlier you pay, the less interest you’ll have to pay. You have money to give ‘Mo Lin’, you don’t have money to return to me? You’re obviously fooling with me.
Dayo: Are you doing this for my own good?
Charmaine: Yes I am- you better quickly repay
Dayo: Well I don’t like people doing things for my own good.
Charmaine: No don’t go there, are you going to repay or not? I know you have money to pay her so- let me check-*starts searching his clothes*
Dayo: What’s my relationship with her? What’s my relationship with you?
Suddenly, a voice interrupts them.

Charmaine and Dayo in You're Hired- Episode 2

Granny: He really doesn’t have any money.

*The granny walks up to them holding Dayo’s bank book with a smilie face*

Granny: His whole life saving is only $53.

*When Charmaine wanted to check out the book, Dayo snatches it off the Granny.*

Dayo: How come you went to find my bank book?
Granny: I went to find a spoon.
Dayo: You went to my room to find a spoon?
Granny: Yea!
Dayo: So..did you find it?
Granny: yea! *points to the book*
Dayo: You want to get a spoon to eat the congee?
Granny: yea!
Dayo: Ok, go to the kitchen, there’s a few there. It’s clean, go eat congee.
*While Dayo leads the granny to the right direction, Charmaine snatches the book off him and checks out his savings*
Charmaine: Are you crazy?? You really gave all your money to ‘Mo Lin’?
The two continue to argue on for a bit until suddenly, the granny reappears behind Dayo again, staring at him.

Charmaine and Dayo in You're Hired- Episode 2
Dayo: Betty, did you find the spoon for congee yet?
Granny: I recognise you! You made my ‘Ma-Jai’ die! You made my son die!
Charmaine and Dayo in You're Hired- Episode 2

Dayo: You finished eating your ‘Mai-jai’? I’ll help you find again. *Dayo quickly attempts to shut the door on Charmaine, but she pushes it back opened.*
Charmaine: No- seems like you…caused someone’s sons death *points to Granny*
Granny: No, I said he’s really good; just like my son : ) I really love him, he’s a good boy.
Dayo anxious expression loosened and appeared relieved.
Dayo to Charmaine: Did you hear now? *quickly shuts her out*

Charmaine and Dayo in You're Hired- Episode 2

(lol…love Charmaine’s expressions XD The granny’s pretty funny too. This scene just made me more curious to find out what Dayo exactly did to his mentor (Granny Betty’s son) one year ago…)

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