August 2009

[You’re Hired] Episode 3

Due to Charmaine’s crazy idea of free food delivery within 15mins of ordering, Theresa makes her way to delivery the noodles at a very dangerous creepy street late at night. Luckily Dayo was there to accompany her (such a gentlemen ^^). It was funny watching how scared both of them were but how persistent Theresa stayed when Dayo kept trying to convince her to just go back xD (This seriously was not worth it)

TVB You're Hired Episode 3
While walking there; they suddenly notice two large gangs walking towards them in both directions xD They acted as if they weren’t there and were about to start a fight.

TVB You're Hired Episode 3
Dayo: Don’t go in there- do you hear me? Let’s go back
Theresa: No..’Chai Gei’ will lose their trust
Dayo: They’re gonna start a fight! Let’s get out of here!
Theresa: No- EXCUSE ME!
*The gangster pause and turn to her*
Theresa with a big smile: Sorry
Gangster: Which gang are you from?
Theresa: Er, no. This is noodles. I am ‘Chai Gei’
Dayo holds up the basket: Food delivery..we’re here to deliver food.
TVB You're Hired Episode 3
Gangster2: Missy, can you not see we’re busy here?
Theresa: But my noodles will go soggy.
Gangster: Ok..can you just go then?
*The gangsters make way for the two to go up stairs into a building, and then continue bashing each other XD*
– – –

*Attempting to collect the right money*

TVB You're Hired Episode 3
Another manly scene of Dayo <3

7 Responses to “[You’re Hired] Episode 3”

  • KTVB says:

    I think this scene was quite funny, especially Theresa’s expressions xD and the fact Dayo seemed more scared lol Realistic though..who would really wanna be at such a dangerous place at night? XD

    It was silly/funny they went through all that for $2 short of change and when that guy gave $10, he demanded for $2 only. Dayo was pretty cool there though =D

  • Lavendar_Bluez says:

    hahah my favourite line in the episode was when Theresa said the noodles was getting soggy..LOL… in such a situation.. i wouldn’t have the guts to say something like that

    Theresa hasnt acted in so long…some parts feel a bit “acting” like..hahha… but it’s nice to see her back

    lol..LOVE dayo ..he was so smart by saying he’d call the police and everything… but i dont understand what made him suddenly so mad! LOL

  • KTVB says:

    LOL, yea!! The ‘soggy’ part sounded cute too lol

    I’ve actually never seen Theresa act before ^^;

    Yup! Very clever haha Kinda silly for them to be able to open the door and let people see them doing illegal activities though.

    I think Dayo was getting mad because the man was showing him attitude lol

  • grub says:

    HAHAHA I LOVED this scene! Especially about the part when she Theresa scream “excuse me” and the gangsters stop xD

    funny how Dayo was so scared and that Theresa seemed calm about it

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