September 2009

[You’re Hired] Episode 4

You're Hired Episode 4

Dayo: You want to learn how to do business?
Charmaine: Please..?
Dayo starts laughing XD
Dayo: Do you know what it means to exchange something of equal value? Like, what do I get out of it?
Charmaine: Then, what do you want?

*Dayo starts tapping on the seat besides him and Charmaine reluctantly sits down next to him*
You're Hired Episode 4
Dayo: Do you know what it means by ‘Sek Sek Seng Ya’?
Charmaine immediately jumps back up away from him.
Charmaine: Dream on! Don’t even think about it!
Dayo: I knew you’d be thinking that way. Don’t keep going online and watching those things, it’s not good for your health. What I want to say is very simple. I’m always out eating dinner- if not, I’m here eating MSG noodles- so I want to eat a decent home meal.
Charmaine: Ooh, just home food right?
Dayo: You know the basics- 3 dishes, 1 soup.
Charmaine: My strong point!

You're Hired Episode 4

In the kitchen, Charmaine is happily preparing the meal and Dayo pops in to have a look and notices water spilling out of the pot..

Dayo: Oi oi!
Charmaine opens the lid and starts blowing the smoke.
Dayo: What soup is this? There’s only a carrot.
Charmaine: There’s another one at the bottom. If you don’t know, don’t say anything.
Dayo (sarcasm): Woah, that’s too much flavour~ 2 carrots! What? You’re steaming fish- don’t you need the lid on? Aren’t you afraid it’ll swim away?
Charmaine: That’s how it tastes good- have you even steamed a fish before? If you don’t know- be quiet.

You're Hired Episode 4
Dayo: What meat is this? Is it infected or sick- why’s it this colour? Wait- no, if you can’t cook, then don’t cook- oh what’s this? Peanut butter sauce?
Charmaine takes the bowl off him: No this isn’t ready yet.
Dayo: Look if you can’t, then just say and I’ll go out the streets to eat
Charmaine points a knife at him: Don’t force me..I’m telling you I will definitely complete this meal. You must teach me to do business.
Dayo: Calm down, it’s just a meal..take your time. *Dayo runs off xD*
You're Hired Episode 4

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